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Name:Plural Writing and Art
Posting Access:All Members
This is a community where plurals of all kinds - people who share their body with others - can share their creative work, whether it's related to their plurality or not. We welcome multiple systems, median systems, soulbonds and soulbonders, those who channel...regardless of how they came to be plural, whether natural or trauma-based, invited in or some other origin.

The rules:

1. No drama. Be polite to other community members and please leave debates about different types of plurality, other people in the community, etc. outside. Keep any criticism constructive.
2. Post only about creative work done by plurals. Posts about plurality in general are more suited to a more general community. The work you post does not have to relate to your plurality, or the plurality of the creator if you're posting about someone else's work.
3. You may include a link to your store when posting about a work you intend to sell.
4. Longer stories (more than 3-4 paragraphs), large images, anything more than 2 images, and anything that's not safe for work or potentially triggering should go behind a cut. Explain why it's under a cut, either before the cut or in the cut text. (If it's for multiple images, you can put 2 outside the cut as previews if you want, and if they're not large.)

Introductions are optional but here's a template you can use if you like:

System name, or name we'd like to be addressed by as a group:
A little about the system:
Types of art/creativity we do:
Examples of our work:
Other interests:
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